5 Tips to clear your mind and relax for meditation

  tips to clear your mind for meditaion

Meditation became a necessity in our hectic life. Some days just really beg you to take several minutes alone, relax and meditate. If you reach that blessed blank state of mind several times a day you actually become more productive and accomplish more. There is no need to worry about stuff non-stop.

If you are newbie to meditation, however, you know how hard it is to relax. Your mind is a beehive: thousands of senseless one-liner thoughts clutter in your brain leading you nowhere. The tension gets transferred to your muscles and the meditation is becoming a torture.

If you can not afford going on a special meditation resort like this, follow these tips to relax next time you try to meditate:

a) Visualize 

Close your eyes and put all your mind power to visualizing something pleasant and gradually growing. For instance, visualize your body as made of heated wax, as it melts slowly into one golden puddle. Go from toes to the tip of your head and see every inch of your body melt. Or imagine golden honey covering you from head to toes, concentrate on every inch of it. If you do it right, the visualization will take all your mind power and cluttering thoughts will be gone.

b) Use warm-up exercises

Stretch your limbs and go through each muscle you can feel: make it tense and then relax. Repeat that several times acknowledging each muscle. In the end you will have a clear mind.

c) Concentrate on your breath

Do nothing else but note how cold air comes through your nose, whirls in your lungs, becomes warm and then gets expelled. Visualize it going in and our, listen to the sensation of the skin inside your nose, and each breath will bring you closer and closer to complete relaxation.

d) Focus on sounds

Does not matter if it’s a special meditation mantra or a dripping faucet. As long as the sound is repetitive and monotonous it does the job. Lose your whole mind in it and you will be gratified by full relaxation.

e) Travel somewhere in your mind

Do not try to go anywhere fancy and far away that you have seen online, like Machu Picchu or Taj Mahal. Remember a small meadow in a park where you have been thousands of times. Try to visualize it at this time of day, try to remember each tree or bush, stay there focus your mind on it. This exercise will make you stop worrying and prepare your mind for meditation.

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